Competitive analysis

Competitive environment

The European car parking market is a large and growing market of 48 million regulated parking places. One third of these are off-street in the countries in which Q-Park operates. The large urban conurbations and cities which are Q-Park’s key focus represent over 50% of the total market value at this time.

European car parking market

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The large European car parking market is still highly fragmented and undifferentiated. Municipalities hold around 40% of the market while numerous small local private operators hold another 40% between them, with little consistency in quality or brand differentiation.

The seven large private international operators typically represent a market share of between 10% and 20% depending on the country. In turn these seven players operate on three different models: Owner/Operator (Q-Park, Indigo) Concessionary (Interparking, Saba, Empark) and Operator only (Apcoa and NCP).


Q-Park is one of Europe’s leading players in the field of paid and regulated parking, with 871,449 parking spaces in 6,343 secure, clean, and well-managed parking facilities across ten stable Northwest European countries. In four of these we are the indisputable market leader.