Performance highlights


EUR 825.0 million

Net revenue (x EUR million)

EUR 194.9 million

EBITDA (x EUR million)



Parking spaces

EUR 202.8 million

Cash flows from operating activities


Full-time employees



Interest coverage ratio

In 2015: 3.3 (the minimum is set at 2.0)


Interest rate percentage on loans

In 2015: 4.4%. The decrease results in a significant drop of the cost of financing.


Net bank debt / EBITDA ratio

In 2015: 6.1 (the upper limit is set at 7.0). The decrease to under 6.0 results in a lower spread on the interest.

EUR 5,671.2 million

Investment property

The Q-Park investment property portfolio includes long-term positions that generate predictable cash flows.

Car parks under construction

Handelsbeurs - tender won

Antwerp - Belgium

On Monday 23 May 2016, renovation work commenced on the Handelsbeurs in Antwerp.

Zuiderdokken - tender won

Antwerp - Belgium

From 2019, the Gedempte Zuiderdokken area will provide underground parking spaces.

City leadership

City of Toulon - city tender won

Toulon - France

Q-Park will be responsible for upgrading and operating 10 of the city centre's 12 car parks.

Hasselt - acquired 4 car parks

Hasselt - Belgium

Operating the Dusartplein, Molenpoort, Parking TT (TweeTorenwijk) and Luikerpoort.

Knowledge & Operational leadership

Inaugural symposium

The future of paid parking

Discussing impact of the Internet of Things, Autonomous Vehicles and the sharing economy.

Back-office functionality

Multichannel Parking Platform

Expanding functionality of our proprietary system, progressing towards a Multichannel Parking Platform.