Parking facilities are more expensive to build and maintain but are more sustainable than on-street and off-street parking. In return for the higher cost of construction, operation, and maintenance, multistorey and underground car parks contribute to pedestrian-friendly and high-quality public spaces.

Viable public space

A well-organised urban area offers ample public space and encourages people to move around on foot, by bicycle, or by public transport, which has a positive influence on their health and well-being.

Q-Park is not in favour of unnecessary car usage, but promotes good parking facilities that function as nodes. Squares and streets change from traffic areas to places where people can move informally, safely, and enjoy social contact.

In addition, a clean and safe parking facility seems to encourage responsible behaviour, not only in the facility but also in the surrounding area.

Jobs for practical people

As parking company, Q-Park offers interesting attractive work for people who like to take a practical approach. Our Parking Hosts and call centre employees are the local face and the familiar voice of Q-Park. They have direct contact with the customer and make the difference for Q-Park.

We ensure that our employees are well-trained and have customer focus. We also work on improving their resilience as they occasionally have to deal with aggression or violence.