CSR Policy

For Q-Park, corporate social responsibility (CSR) means being prepared to include ethical, social and environmental aspects in our strategy. But we go further, we actually embed these aspects in the decisions we make.

Q-Park offers openness about the consequences of what we do for people, society, and the environment.

Policy choices

The CSR policy forms part of the long-term business plan. Policy choices are based on our own quality promise and CSR vision. These are in line with developments in the European economy and the car parking market, and with the European Union Sustainable Development Strategy (EU SDS).


Q-Park selects ambitions that fit in with our own strategy and that are applicable throughout the organisation. By defining specific goals, critical success factors (CSFs), and performance indicators (PIs) we ensure that our performance can be compared from one year to the next. Only in this way can we take specific action and adjust direction where necessary.


We answer questions and accept our accountability through our annual CSR report. In this we follow the guidelines given in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4, at Core application level, and the transparency benchmark (TB) of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.